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Photograpy Workshops
Photography Workshops

Photography can easily be broken down into three main cores. Planning, Shooting and Post Processing. From private one-on-one workshops to group tours, our workshops are customised to suit your style and needs. With 20 years knowledge in photography and post processing, Oat will be able to answer your photographic queries, help you move forward and find your own unique style.


  • Understand photographic fundamentals

  • How to plan your shoot with various apps. Determine the sun positions, tide level, sunset and sunrise time (golden hour) as well as blue hour. Eliminate guess work on when and where to shoot.

  • Learn about the exposure triangle (shutter speed, aperture, ISO), Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) and High Dynamic Range (HDR).

  • Shoot in 'manual' - move beyond auto mode.

  • Learn about composition and lenses.

  • Understanding your camera and lens (focal length, depth of field, dynamic range, etc).

  • Learn to shoot in various situations, low light, astro photography, long exposure, etc.

  • Understand the basics of filter systems.

  • Learn about the various equipment available.

  • Post processing techniques to make your photo pop, as well as plug-ins to get your images ready for prints or social media.

  • Lightroom/Photoshop processing with luminosity mask, exposure blending, sharpening and exporting.

  • Social media and branding to help you grow.

Groyne Sunrise-2.jpg

  • Determine the correct settings for your specific DSLR for various situations.

  • How to shoot into the sun without overexposing.

  • How to capture HDR images with Auto Exposure Brackets (AEB).

  • Learn about long exposure (smooth water, sky, clouds etc).

  • Techniques to using Lee and Nisi filters.


  • DSLR camera or compact camera with manual controls

  • Camera manual (if you still have it)

  • Your lens/es

  • Charged battery

  • Memory card

  • Please bring pen and paper for additional notes

EXTRAS INCLUDED: With extensive experience in landscape filters, Oat offers his participants the use of a full set of LEE, Nisi or Cokin filters during the course of the workshop. This is a unique hands-on experience to familiarise yourself and understand how to use these filter systems correctly.

Learn more about Oat from Hangingpixels.

Workshops & Pricing

WORKSHOPS ARE GENERALLY BASED IN SYDNEY (Please enquire for areas outside of this)



HALF DAY WORKSHOP (4 hrs): $340*

FULL DAY WORKSHOP (8 hrs): $680*

*Prices above are PER PERSON in Australian Dollars.

*Bring a photo-friend and receive 15% off overall price.

Workshops suitable for digital cameras with manual controls (P, A/Av, S/Tv and M modes) including DSLRs, Micro Four Third cameras, mirrorless cameras and advanced compact cameras.

Customised Template Website Design

Basic website design: $240 AUD

Premium website design: $320 AUD

*Download PDF here for more info*

Gift vouchers for workshops available!

Please contact us to enquire.

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