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Oat Vaiyaboon aka hangingpixels, was born in Bangkok, Thailand. His mother had spent part of her youth attending university in Canberra and was impressed enough to send her son down under to further his education. So at 14 years old, Oat made the long journey to Sydney.

After completing year 12 in 1996, Oat went to university to study architecture. After university, he worked as a draftsman, spending the next decade adding his creative flair to the Sydney skyline.

Oat’s desire to expand his horizons meant he went back to university to obtain his masters degree in design, photography and digital media.

This re-ignited a passion for photography that had existed since high school where he chose photography as his major in Art.

Back in high school Oat still used the old film that had to be developed. He could often be found working in the dark room, processing his images and watching them come to life. Although now it is all digital and the tools are different, a lot about the process of photography for him has stayed the same. 

The thing Oat loves most about photography is that he can go out and not be committed to one thing, it is about each person’s interpretation.

It is how you see the object you are photographing. I look at things and work out when and how to use the natural light, I’m still learning now. Sometimes you go out with your camera and come back and all the shots are terrible.”

Oat’s venture from Sydney to south-west Victoria provided him with wonderful subject matter. Images of the Grampians, the Great Ocean Road, the Otways, the high country and just about every natural wonder in and around Port Fairy have caught the attention of his camera. His recent move up to the Blue Mountains in Sydney is sure to bring a whole new world to capture.

Oat shares his passion for photography, both with camera in his hand or attached to a drone, on his facebook and instagram accounts and on his website.

He is a licensed drone operator, capturing spectacular shots from above.

People are becoming more aware of what drones can do, what great shots you can get from using them.

For Oat, taking photos is very therapeutic. He travels around, sometimes with his family or friends, sometimes in solitude, and takes photos.

I will watch the weather and look for opportunities when it matches the landscape. But there are some days when I just look out the window, grab my camera and out I go.

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