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Kase K8 Kit – 100mm Holder and 86mm Magnetic Polarising Filter. Includes adaptor rings.


  • K100-Slim holder Filter Holder
  • Geared adapter rings: 77-86mm & 82-86mm – Magnetic
  • Step rings: 67-82mm & 72-82mm
  • 86mm Slimline Magnetic  X-CPL (Polarising filter)
  • Both 2mm and 1.1mm filter slots available – 2mm supplied as standard.

The Kase K100-Slim Filter System holder is precision CNC milled from the highest quality Aviation aluminium with a mat anodised finish to reduce reflections.

Strong and light, the holder uses a screw locking mechanism to prevent accidental removal.


The adaptor is an ingenious solution to the problem of using circular polarisers with slot-in systems. Generally, they are mounted as the last filter, becoming large and allowing the possibility of light to reflect from the rear back into the lens.

The Kase K100-Slim adaptor is engineered as a wide angle adapter for wide lenses, with a small wheel acting on the mechanism (geared ring) to turn the included polarising filter. One fingertip can turn the filter.

Kase K8 Kit – 100mm Holder with Magnetic Slim Polarising Filter

  • The K8 Slim 100mm holder kit, complete with slimline Magnetic polarising filter. Holds up to 3 x 100mm filters plus the polarising filter. Comes with adapter rings to fit 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm. The holder will work with most 100mm 2mm and 1.1mm filters of any manufacturer.

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