Hotham Astro Photography



Concentrating on night time photography, Oat will teach you how to capture the stars and milky way using different tools and techniques to get the best shot every time.

* What apps and website to use to predict the weather and position of Milky Way.
* Plan your shoot, when is the best night to go out, to get clear Milky Way.
* Basic starting point “recipe” for your DSLR.
* Using manual mode on you camera.
* How to focus in the dark.
* How to light your scene with light.
* Adding extra creative flare with light painting.


4:30PM (Presentation will start at 5:00pm)
Meet up at Hotham Central conference room to go through a presentation about astrophotography. Slides will cover some of Oat’s works as well going through techniques used to capture those shots and some of the techniques used to post process them. Please have dinner prior to this meeting, you are more than welcome to bring your own food and drink to eat during the presentation. We will then get ourselves ready to venture out into the night.

We will then travel to either one of the huts or the summit. We will then acess the situation to go over the best settings and how to adjust them. We will be adjusting and changing the settings on your DSLR. Learning about composition. Using light to highlight elements in your photo or even some light painting to add more interest to your foreground.

Wrapping up the shoot, you are more than welcome to stay longer to shoot. You can also leave at anytime if you are happy with your shots.


Oat will be keeping his eye on the weather and cloud movement prior and up to the workshop date. However regardless of what the weather is doing the workshop will likely still go on.


Different kinds of weather allows us to try other types of long exposure photography such as light painting indoor and outdoor. The principles are very similar in terms of using your DSLR.


There will also be other sheltered locations for us to use if the weather is particularly bad.


* Warm clothes are essential.
* DSLR and wide angle lens.
* Sturdy tripod (I do have a few tripods to lend if anybody requires one on the night.)
* Head torch or a torch.



Price $199

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Price $199


Not sure how many workshops i've done now with Oat, but i know it won't be the last, it doesn't matter what level you're at Oat is a fantastic teacher, And i highly recommend any of his workshops

- Michael Walker

A fantastic teacher, with a relaxed and detailed style you will enjoy your session with Oat. Well worth the night in the cold to get the images that look amazing.

- Kelly Edwards

Highly recommend Hangingpixels! Completed an Astrophotography workshop with Oat, his Knowledge about all this photography is second to none. Very professional and super helpful.

- Mel Imbi

Working alongside Oat for the Astro workshop was a pleasant experience. Being a learner, I wasn't confused on the instructions, as he was very clear and helpful. Truly enjoyed myself. Highly recommend this bloke

- Anne-Marie Eacott

Every time I learn something new. The Astro workshop at Cape Nelson was the best. First time I had someone requesting a copy of a photo taken from the workshop. Highly recommend anyone to attend Oat’s workshop.

- Ann Van Zyl

I was lucky enough to spend a few hours learning about photography with Oat from Hanging Pixels recently. The images you see on his social media are just the tip of the iceberg. The dedication, the professionalism and pure talent that Oat displays is mind boggling. I can't wait to see where Hanging Pixels takes us next!

- Justin Williams